Rise for Engineering and Technology Recorded and Established in 2010 . Masha’a Allah Rise is powered with highly inspired Engineers with creative, talented and dedicated professionals who are willing to put their all strengths in pursuit of professional objectives and motivate the individuals to think outside the box. This makes our work lively and leads to greater innovations , Love for All - Hatred for None and remember Allah much, that you may be successful ,In Allah We Trust .. Never Give Up !!



Rise is a company of experienced and talent Technology engineers works in the field from 5 years before , we use the latest software technology to make amazing applications that help our customers in their business and make their dreams come true, when you make a project with rise company you are with safe hands that care about time , quality , design , security , data privacy , testing and every thing , just tell us your dreams and we make it come true in your hand , with rise company everything is easy everything is possible.



Our mission is simple: make technology an asset for your business not a problem. Too many times we have seen other companies consulting firms recommend solutions that are not appropriate for the specific client's business or will not take a business' operations into their planning as they routinely bring down an entire business while they perform routine maintenance on a server. That is unacceptable. We won't bring you down in the middle of the day because it is "a better time for us". We work around your business. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business so your business can grow. As your technology partner, when your business grows ours will grow with you, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth.



Build big Technology company in egypt , delivered the best quality of software to all the companies in different fields around the world , and prove that egypt has the best Technology engineers around the worlds can make and take the responsibility of big companies software applications. to earn companies trust is easy for the first , but the difficult to continue , so we work hard to earn your trust forever.

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