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TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
com 1 $15.00USD $15.00USD $15.00USD
net 1 $15.00USD $15.00USD $15.00USD
org 1 $15.00USD $15.00USD $15.00USD
info 1 $15.00USD $15.00USD $15.00USD
co 1 $15.00USD $15.00USD $15.00USD
company 1 $15.00USD $15.00USD $15.00USD
technology 1 $25.00USD $25.00USD $25.00USD
website 1 $25.00USD $25.00USD $25.00USD
host 1 $25.00USD $25.00USD $25.00USD
directory 1 $25.00USD $25.00USD $25.00USD
mobile 1 $25.00USD $25.00USD $25.00USD
club 1 $25.00USD $25.00USD $25.00USD
trade 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
computer 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
academy 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
training 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
services 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
construction 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
builders 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
contractors 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
consulting 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
glass 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
coffee 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
clothing 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
fitness 1 $30.00USD $30.00USD $30.00USD
furniture 1 $35.00USD $35.00USD $35.00USD
clinic 1 $35.00USD $35.00USD $35.00USD
university 1 $35.00USD $35.00USD $35.00USD
dental 1 $35.00USD $35.00USD $35.00USD
engineering 1 $35.00USD $35.00USD $35.00USD
us 1 $15.00USD $15.00USD $15.00USD

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